Tips: Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers By Monpetitpas

A Corded Electric Lawn Mower is one of the best equipment to keep your lawn clean and smooth without spending a fortune. Since it is easy to use and handle, anyone can use it and you don’t need the help of a professional lawnmower to utilize it.

Looking for a good Corded Electric Lawn Mower for your backyard? Then read our reviews of the best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers for 2017 and make the right choice for yourself!

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GreenWorks 25112

One of the Best Selling Corded electric lawn mowers, GreenWorks 25112 comes with a powerful 13 amp motor and a wide 21 inches deck which makes mowing easier and simpler for all the users. With this help of this lawn mower, you can mow your entire lawn in just half an hour and sometimes even lesser if you have a small backyard. It provides you a feature to mulch, bag and toss the grass cuttings and its wide wheels make it easier to move around, even on the hill sides.

It provides you with 7 height settings and is easy to use and maneuver and produces no sound at all. Although its power cord might be annoying to some users, we think it is a small compromise in return for such an efficient and powerful lawn mower.

GreenWorks 25142

Although this model doesn’t provide as much power as the other top lawn mower models, it is still a great lawn mower, especially for people with a smaller lawn who have a small budget. It comes with a 10 amp motor and 16 inches cutting radius which makes it really great for smaller lawns. It also includes the mulching and bagging feature and is easy to use and store which makes it quite popular for the budget-friendly users.

Sun Joe MJ401E

Another amazing lawn mower which provides you with 12 amp motor and a height setting feature that can be set till 2.5 inches. It uses an easy-to-push button to start and has a very compact design which makes it quite easy to store it. It also includes a hard top grass catching bag which makes it quite easier to clean and empty. The grass catches can hold 10.6 gallons of grass and it provides you a wide range of height settings to take care of different heights of grass. It is lightweight and affordable but doesn’t come with a mulching feature which can be a slight turn off.

Black + Decker MM2000

Another great corded electric lawn mower which comes with a 3 in 1 grass cutting features that include collecting, tossing and mulching of the grass cuttings. It also comes with a lightweight housing which makes it easy to move around and is the ideal choice for anyone who has a small backyard. It has a powerful motor with 13 amps and has a deck size of 20 inches which makes mowing easier and quicker. It also provides you a single lever to adjust the height of the mower blades from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. Although the deck is made of plastic instead of steel, it is still found to be durable and quite powerful.


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