The environment and pollution

Pollution is a reality that is very present in our environment, in several completely different forms. All these types of pollution do not have the same degree of destruction, but it is still important to recognize their presence. Here is a short list of some of the faces that can take pollution as well as some of its detrimental effects on the environment.

Let us remember, however, that pollution is the result of our choices as a consumer society. We condemn it, but we do not want to radically change our way of life. The real challenge is to achieve ecological versus economic equilibrium.


Air Pollution: Air pollution is possibly the most common type of pollution. It is mainly caused by gasses and particles released into the atmosphere by automobiles, thermal power stations, other industries or by certain natural phenomena (volcanoes). Acid rain and smog (dense smoke over cities) are two of the results of air pollution and they cause heart problems and lung problems in all animals, not just in humans.

Soil pollution: Soil pollution is often industrial, that is, some companies do not always take the necessary precautions to avoid the leakage of toxic waste. Agriculture is also one of the causes of soil pollution. Consider only fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides.

Water Pollution: Water pollution is often directly linked to soil pollution. The rain quickly transports pesticides and other toxic substances, from dry land to seas and oceans. The eutrophication of lakes and rivers is one of the effects of this pollution. It causes, among other things, an increase in the presence of algae and a decrease in animal and plant biodiversity.


Radioactive pollution: This type of pollution is mainly caused by industries when generating electricity from a nuclear power plant. The waste that results from the process is radioactive and therefore very harmful to living beings: they emit dangerous particles that can cause tumors or even mutations …

Sound pollution: Noise pollution may not be as damaging as The previous ones, but it can still cause hearing problems, irritability, insomnia and even depression. However, it is difficult to determine the effects of this pollution on living beings other than humans.

Olfactory pollution: This pollution is rarely toxic, but remains unpleasant! We think here of the odors released by refineries, wastewater treatment plants, breeding.

Light pollution: Light pollution refers to the presence of abnormal or disturbing light, as well as the effect of this artificial lighting on the entire ecosystem. This subject is in fact slightly controversial because many deny that this is a true type of pollution.


As we have seen, all these types of pollution affect our environment, that is to say, they harm the well-being of the human being, but also the other species that surround us! Here are some links to sites offering information on these endangered species:

1. Extinction of species
2. Animals in danger of extinction
3. Animals in danger


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