A detective for the environment, I propose an investigation. You can make it in front of you or on the bus. Arm yourself with papers and a pen. In 15 minutes, observes the cars passing by. You know that most vehicles can accommodate five people. Write down on your paper how many occupants there are in each car. The results are striking!



– On average, cars occupy an average of 1.07 passengers on journeys to and from work;
-In Europe, half the journeys are less than five kilometers;
-Transport accounts for 16% of the budget of a household;
-25% of air pollution is linked to transport, the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in France;
-The emissions of cars cause air pollution that causes several respiratory, cardiovascular and neurological diseases as well as allergies.



One solution: carpooling!

The carpooling is the principle to carry out a common path with a non-professional driver (not a taxi or a bus) and one or more passengers. This practice has many advantages:

-Personnel: Significant personal savings (carpooling saves close to $ 2,250 each year), stress reduction;
– Reduced congestion and road accidents, reduced costs and requirements for road construction and repair, and reduced costs associated with air pollution.



The future is clearly in carpooling. Several projects have been set up to encourage its practice: the creation of reserved lanes, free websites for announcements, a dynamic carpooling system with GPS, etc. The means are multiple and the benefits considerable. Talk it over!