About this site

This website was created to raise awareness among young people of all ages about the environment: what is the environment, why is it important to care for it and how do I do it? The environmental impacts of our everyday actions and decisions, and where can I get information on the subject?

In this way, we offer everyone the opportunity to tell their stories, wacky or dramatic, or express their concerns about our environment. On the other hand, you have an idea as to what each of us can do to save the environment, simply click on the link: A story to share and tell us!

Every week, the best stories will be added to the website and everyone will be able to read and comment on them.

The section “My little step for the environment” is aimed especially at young students of the primary school who are looking concretely to take constructive actions on a daily basis.

The content of “monpetitpas.com” is produced by the users of the site. We do regular checks on content, but it may happen that it is beyond our control. If someone or an organization sees that their copyright has been violated, please send us an e-mail and we will correct the situation immediately.


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